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Our Trade-In Appraisal: A Great Offer is Just Minutes Away

Have you been thinking that it might be time to trade-in your car to help pay for your next car? It's easier than you might think. Just complete our simple, secure Trade-In Appraisal form and you'll get a generous trade-in offer for the car you're driving now. When you send us the form, rest assured it's fully-encrypted, which means the information you send can't be read by anybody else except our experienced financial specialists.

Your high-quality used car, truck or SUV is probably worth more than you realize

We're working extra-hard at AutoLoan Credit Express to make outstanding trade-in offers on vehicles like yours. With the worldwide vehicle shortages we all face, good used cars are in demand, so we're making very good trade-in offers to owners of quality vehicles. In the recent past, the average used car has increased a great deal in value, so the car you drive every day may be worth more than you expected.

We offer affordable financing for everyone, even if you have bad credit or no credit

At Autoloan Credit Express in Fall River MA, we understand that anyone can go through some tough financial times. If you've had credit challenges - or even serious financial issues like bankruptcy - we're not here to judge you or make you feel bad. We're here to help you. That's why we have special, affordable financing programs to help people in a variety of challenging situations, with programs custom-tailored to fit your financial needs.

Our Fresh Start Program

At Autoloan Credit Express, we know people can run into tough times. We know some of our neighbors in communities like Swansea, MA have good incomes but have trouble getting a loan because of past credit issues. Our Fresh Start Program gives people a second chance. If you've been through divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure or repossession, our Fresh Start Program can give you special affordable financing and a chance to rebuild your credit.

Our Down Payment Assistance Program

Any new car buyer almost always needs to make a down payment, which means paying a lump sum of cash upfront in order to get a car loan. That down payment is typically about 10% to 20% of the total price of the car you're buying. Making a down payment means you're a better credit risk and makes it easier for you to get a loan. If you don't have enough for a down payment, our Down Payment Assistance Program can help you get one.

Our Bankruptcy Program

Are you going through bankruptcy right now, or have you been through bankruptcy in the past? If so, you've probably found it's hard to get the credit you need so you can afford a new vehicle. Even if you're in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or you've just come out of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can give you a way to get the new car you need. Our bankruptcy experts can help you get a new car loan to help you rebuild your credit.

Our First-Time Buyers Program

Are you trying to buy a car for the first ime? Have you found your lack of credit makes it harder to get the car you need? At Autoloan Credit Express, we have a special First-Time Buyers Program. Even with little or no credit experience, we can help first-time buyers pre-qualify for a loan on a car up to $40,000. Ask about all the ways we can help people with bad credit get the financing they need at Autoloan Credit Express in Fall River MA.