Get Your Free Credit Report

Get Your Free Credit Report

When it comes time to shop for your next car or SUV, the first thing you will want to do is check your credit score. This number will go into almost every financial decision that is made when it comes to the purchase. Knowing your score ahead of time means that you can plan out a manageable budget and expect what vehicle is in your price range.

The Tool to Use

You may be wondering how to check your credit score or if there is a simple tool to use. In fact, you have the right to a free credit report at this very moment. The Federal Trade Commission has a quick and easy way to utilize this free report. Be sure to access their credit report tool before starting your automotive purchase.

What Makes a Good or Bad Credit Score

There is a range of ways this credit score can affect your shopping experience. Many dealerships near Swansea handle this number differently, but it is good to know what your score may mean. The standard credit report can range anywhere from around 300 to 850. The lower end of this range means your score is not too great, and the higher end means it is excellent.

Tips for Financing with Bad Credit in Fall River

If you see a number on the lower end of the score range, you can still find some great deals on your next automotive purchase. The first tip we have is to utilize one of the many programs our finance center has to offer. Other things you can start doing to increase that rating includes:

  • Paying Off Credit Card Balances
  • Avoid Late Payments
  • Utilize Co-Signers with Better Credit

Start Your Shopping Process with a Free Credit Report

This free credit report tool is an excellent place to start your shopping process. Once you have that score and a manageable budget figured out, you can get your new or used car. At Autoloan Credit Express near New Bedford, we are happy to help you with any financial problems you may be having. Feel free to call or visit us with any questions!


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