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Credit Score FAQ for Your Next Automotive Purchase

At Autoloan Credit Express in Fall Rivers, MA, we aim to make your financial needs go as smoothly as possible. Our professionals know that this can be the trickiest part of any automotive purchase. That is why we want to put together some frequently asked questions we hear in our office. If these don't answer your specific needs, feel free to reach out to a staff member. We are always happy to help!

What is a bad or good credit score, and how will that affect my purchase?

Credit scores are usually measured in a range from 300 to 850. If you score near the 300 mark, that means your credit score is not too great. If you are on the higher end, that is an excellent score. Credit scores can also reflect differently if you have little to no credit history or other major situations.

A below-average credit score can affect you differently depending on the Swansea dealership you are working with. Every dealer offers different services or programs to help those with these lower scores. We also have programs and tips at Autoloan Credit Express to take care of these customers.

How can I build up my credit score?

If you have a score that you are not too satisfied with, there are many ways to start building that credit back up. The first is to focus on your debts wherever they may be. One of the most common tips is to pay off any credit card debt you have. This can instantly start to benefit Seekonk customers' scores.

Another great way to help boost that number is to avoid late payments. You want to be sure you are paying your bills on time. If you cannot meet those deadlines, find places to reduce spending or borrowing. There are many more ways to start building this score that we would be happy to share with you.

What are some tips for buying a car with less-than-average credit in East Providence?

The first thing you can do when looking to buy a car with less-than-average credit is consider a trade-in. This is a fast and efficient way to lower the purchase cost or cover your down payment. Another is to look for a co-signer with a better score. This can be a family member or trusted friend and will help secure a loan.

Is there professional help available for my bad credit?

At Autoloan Credit Express near Fairhaven, we offer a ton of helpful tools for your use. One is the Fresh Start Program. This offer serves those who have experienced some life situations that impact their credit score. We will work hard to give you a second chance, making the automotive purchasing process a lot easier.

How should I go about buying my first car?

We also have a First Time Auto Buyer Program to help out those looking for their first ride. You can apply to this program in moments, entering your information into our secure form. After you hit submit, one of our professionals will be in touch with your next steps. This is a great way to make the first automotive experience in New Bedford a successful one.

What if I have a bankruptcy?

If you have experienced bankruptcy, once again, we have a program for you. Our Bankruptcy Program is designed to help those who have experienced challenges in the past. We know that bankruptcy can seem like a lifelong problem, and we aim to take that pressure off your shoulders.

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