Value Your Trade at Empire Auto Loan Credit Express

Earn Top Dollar - Value Your Trade, Resale Near Swansea, MA

At Empire Auto Loan Credit Express, we encourage our clients to take advantage of this ongoing "seller's market."

By either trading or selling outright, you'll earn fair-market value. This you may pocket or place towards a trade here, onsite near Seekonk, MA.

Getting the process started is our online, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) Value Your Trade tool.


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The KBB Trade-In Value Tool - To Use From Home, On Any Device

It's best practice to establish the value of your trade or resale prior to walking into any dealership. In this, there's the confidence needed for a transaction on your terms.

With our KBB Trade-In Value tool at your disposal, the valuation process is premised upon the information you supply across three forms. Everything mapped out for easy navigation:

  • To start, enter make and model, year and trim of your current vehicle. This information alone will identify powertrain and transmission.
  • Next, select drivetrain and enter mileage.
  • Added equipment is next to tick off.
  • Choose exterior color from a drop-down menu and check off on condition.

What To Do Next

With the above steps completed, your KBB Trade-In Range is presented instantly. A full appraisal may be sent to your phone or email address, as preferred.

So should you wish to simply collect your cash and walk away, this is your choice to facilitate.

Or you have the option of trading towards pre-owned vehicles already onsite. The value established may be used as leverage applied to any pre-owned vehicle at our dealership.

The Benefit of Trading, Selling Today at Empire Auto Credit Express

Several factors have contributed greatly to this present seller's market outside Swansea. And they continue to do so in the following:

  • With still strained supply chains wreaking havoc on new-vehicle deliveries, exponential value has been placed on used vehicles. This a true first for the industry.
  • There's also a semiconductor chip shortage that continues to hamper new-vehicle production. This seen with many dealerships experiencing low inventory in new vehicles to sell near Seekonk.

As a whole, both circumstances represent an opportunity for our savvy clientele to use towards their advantage.

At Empire Auto Credit Express, we have no such issues. Our inventory is here, onsite and increased on a daily basis.

The Convenience of Trading, Selling Your Current Vehicle

With all opportunities, a client must understand the benefits to later enjoy with a seizing of the day.

At Empire Auto Credit Express, we have earned a reputation as being a trusted source of pre-owned vehicles. And how we get there is largely through our clients.

Here, there's no haggling or hassle when looking to trade or resell. The pressure that exists with a stranger answering your used-vehicle advertisement is far removed from our process.

And to demonstrate both convenience and efficiency, our clients may use the online, KBB-powered, Value Your Trade portal.

Our Robust Inventory of Pre-Owned Vehicles Near Seekonk, MA

At Empire Auto Credit Express, our inventory is so extensive, we're able to curate select categories that further enhance your pre-owned shopping experience.

From the following categorizations, you may hone-in on preferred brands and models comprising:

  • Used car inventory features sedans and coupes.
  • Used SUV inventory for those clients with families in-tow.
  • Used truck inventory for local contractors in-need of a quality, commercial vehicle.
  • Shopping by price for vehicles under $15K or over $35K, and everything in between.

Empire Auto Credit Express - Your Trusted Spot for Trading, Reselling Your Current Vehicle

Contact us with any questions regarding our KBB Trade-In Value tool.

Or stop by our local, Swansea-area dealership and explore our vast, pre-owned inventory.