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Why is No Down Payment a Problem for a Lender? Autoloan Credit Express Weighs In with an Answer

When you are shopping for a new car, truck, or SUV, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is whether you need to put any money down. We know that many folks will ask us this question when they are looking to secure auto financing. The truth is that there is no exact answer for this question until you apply. Another truth is that not putting any money down can be a problem for a lender. Autoloan Credit Express, located at 428 Pleasant Street in Fall River, MA, is here to tell you why this is the case…

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What Are Average Interest Rates for Car Shoppers with Lower Credit Scores?

If you are shopping for a new vehicle, you are probably working with a budget. You need to find a monthly payment that is going to fit in comfortably with all of your other financial obligations. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding your monthly car payment, like the term length. Another factor that people may not give as much attention to is interest rate. Car shoppers with lower credit scores are going to be paying higher interest rate, which may drive up their monthly payment. 


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What is the Minimum Credit Score You Need to Buy a New Car? Autoloan Credit Express Has the Answers

Do you have some credit issues that you are worried will impact your ability to buy or lease a new vehicle? Are you unsure how your credit score is going to influence the kind of auto loans for which you qualify? These are legitimate questions that many people have as they start car shopping. In the end, these questions often have people wondering about the minimum credit score required to buy a new car, truck, or SUV. Luckily, the finance experts at Autoloan Credit Express, located at 428 Pleasant Street in Fall River, MA, is here to provide you with…

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Refinancing Your Car After a Bankruptcy? Let Autoloan Credit Express Be Your Guide Though the Process

A bankruptcy can be a difficult time for many people. Sure, it can feel like a chance to start over, but it can impact your credit quite a bit. It can also make taking positive financial steps a lot harder. Luckily, anyone who is looking for auto financing assistance can find a helpful and understanding partner in the team at Autoloan Credit Express, located at 428 Pleasant Street in Fall River, MA. If you are looking for assistance with refinancing your auto loan after your bankruptcy, you should contact a member of our team.


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How to apply for a car loan (And actually get one)

Does getting an auto loan seem like a mountain you can’t climb? Does it seem scary or confusing? We understand. At Autoloan Credit Express, we help people get loans for the car, truck or SUV they need to earn a living – and just to live. We know many people haven’t even applied for a loan before, and others have tried but have been turned down. We want to help everyone, so here are some tips on how to apply for a car loan.

#1: Check your credit with our free credit report

The first step is to see…

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