When it comes to financing your car, there are lots of factors. If refinancing is something you're considering, evaluate these aspects to determine if you might be eligible because it could lower your monthly payments and improve your financial situation.

Interest Rates

Regarding your vehicle's financing, interest rates make a huge difference, and several factors influence them. Whether your income situation or credit score has changed, there might be a reason why your interest should be refinanced and renegotiated. Utilize our various online financing tools from your Fall River home to determine if you qualify for different interest rate eligibility.

Credit Scores

Whether your credit score has gone up or down, it's a valid reason to consider refinancing. Our dealership seeks to offer finance solutions to Massachusetts individuals of all credit situations. Our staff works with those who face credit obstacles. If you're looking to refinance because your credit score has improved, we're excited to see your progress and offer you other options. On the flip side, we're here to support you if your credit situation has worsened. We'll work with you to discuss your options and listen to your concerns.

Remaining Time on Loan

You can potentially extend your loan term, which could lower your payments. This extended loan term would make your monthly payment more affordable. This option is good for Seekonk customers looking to make their bills on time while keeping to their budget. While you might have loan bills to pay for a longer period, making each payment on time will positively build your credit score.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

If you have questions regarding financing, we encourage you to peruse our Frequent Asked Questions. However, we understand that sometimes you'd like to discuss your personal situation with a staff member. If you fall in this latter category, contact us over the phone or online to arrange an appointment. Autoloan Credit Express is proud to serve Swansea and the surrounding areas.