Do you have some credit issues that you are worried will impact your ability to buy or lease a new vehicle? Are you unsure how your credit score is going to influence the kind of auto loans for which you qualify? These are legitimate questions that many people have as they start car shopping. In the end, these questions often have people wondering about the minimum credit score required to buy a new car, truck, or SUV. Luckily, the finance experts at Autoloan Credit Express, located at 428 Pleasant Street in Fall River, MA, is here to provide you with the answers you need.

Autoloan Credit Express Can Help You Navigate the Complex Waters of Auto Financing

The truth about car financing is that credit score is only one factor considered when you apply for an auto loan or lease. You can sometimes have an easier time getting approved for a car loan when you have a credit score of 600 than a score of 700 depending on your credit report. It is why it is so important for people to know what is on their personal report. You can get a free credit report to make sure that everything is accurate.

If you need assistance because you feel like your credit score is going to hold you back from buying a new car, you should speak to the finance professionals at Autoloan Credit Express. We have financing for new and used vehicles, as well as special financing programs for those with credit challenges in their past.

We Can Help You Overcome Your Credit Score

We know that people are more than just their credit scores. Our team also believes that people deserve a second chance. This is why we have assisted many people in getting approved for auto financing despite the fact that they had a low credit score, or no credit at all.

With our special financing program, we unlock doors that other financial institutions and car dealerships may not be able to open. We partner with lenders who specialize in working with folks who may not have perfect credit scores. You don't have to feel like your credit score is going to hold you back. Complete our online credit application, so Autoloan Credit Express can get you behind the wheel of a much-needed new vehicle today.